MSCA Staff Exchanges (Bio-TUNE project) in Argentina and Malaysia for Julie Buisson and Morgane Rabineau

Bio-TUNE is a MSCA-RISE Horizon2020 project, funded by the European Union. It aims to develop innovative multifunctional materials to produce a new generation of medical implants with cell instructive and antibacterial potential.

The project brings together emerging and leading scientists from Europe, Asia and America with unique and recognized research experience in chemistry, materials engineering and biology.

PhD student Julie Buisson (INSERM UMR 1121, France) is in Buenos Aires for 3-month secondment at Instituto de Nanosistemas, under the supervision Dr. Diego Pallarola (UNSAM, Argentina) and Dr. Morgane Rabineau (INSERM UMR 1121, France) is in University Sains Malaysia for a 2-month secondment in collaboration with Dr. Siti Hawa Ngalim and her team.


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